Estate of Jordan Davis v. Michael Dunn – Confidential Policy Limits Settlements (2013, 2014)


Michael Dunn pulled into a gas station parking lot where Jordan Davis and his friends (also clients of John Phillips) were sitting in the car playing rap music.  Dunn initiated argument and said “you aren’t going to talk to me like that.” He then fired 10 times (striking 9 times) into an occupied (and ultimately fleeing) vehicle. The three direct shots hit and killed Jordan Davis.  The high school kids pulled around the corner, noticed Jordan was dying, called 911 and returned to the store.  Dunn drove away, never calling police, going back to his hotel to eat pizza and traveled back home the next day, learning from the news in the hotel room he had killed Jordan.  He was in town for his son’s wedding, which was only the second time he has seen him since he was 13.   Upon arrest, Dunn claimed he saw a gun (which did not exist), an entitlement to protection under Stand Your Ground and has vigorously asserted justified homicide and that Stand Your Ground applies.
We sued Dunn for the wrongful death of Jordan Davis, as well as for the infliction of emotional distress and assault of the other occupants.  We also sued for defamation as Dunn and his agents orchestrated untruths during his criminal trial. Dunn auto insurance carrier settled all claims for policy limits.  Other parties (subject to a confidentiality agreement) also settled for policy limits.
(News Coverage 123)