Estate of Kalil McCoy v. Alfred Mears, Jonathan Brooks, Kennard Mahone, Frederick Wade and the owner of the subject vehicle and guardian of Fredrick Wade – Confidential Policy Limits Settlement (2014)


During the early morning hours of June 20, 2012, Frederick Wade was driving with Kalil McCoy was in the passenger seat. Wade was trying to help Mahone and McCoy — who just a month earlier had been named prom king and queen at Andrew Jackson High School — spend the night together.  After Wade picked him up from Mahone’s girlfriend’s house, McCoy supposedly rolled her window down to speak to the girlfriend. An argument ensued and Wade fired the gun, killing McCoy. The other Defendants then helped Wade hide the body.  We sued all involved.  A fairly precedented policy limits settlement was reached against the auto insurance carrier for the owner of the vehicle / Wade’s guardian. The case continues against the others.
(McCoy Complaint)
(News Coverage 123)