Lex & Terry (Radio Show Hosts) v. 1010 XL (Radio Station) – Confidential Settlement (2011)

Attorney John Phillips on Lex and TerryRadio duo Lex and Terry were happy to be back on air in Jacksonville and regularly spoke about the town they lovingly called “Freakville,” despite being syndicated nationally. However, they were forced to file suit against 1010XL radio station, claiming that the station improperly canceled the contract that would have paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars and failed to pay them thereunder for months.  Their attorney, John Phillips, filed the lawsuit against Seven Bridges Radio LLC, the owner of WJXL (1010 AM), also known as 1010XL.

The contract called for the station to pay about $800,000 plus bonuses for the right to air the show. The payment was to be $12,500 every two weeks throughout 2012 and 2013. The contract also included bonuses for ratings and half of all advertising dollars above the $1 million mark. “They said listeners wanted to hear sports rather than a shock jock sort of thing,” he said. “But they knew what Lex and Terry’s show was. “If you buy a car, you can’t take it back three months because you don’t like the color.”

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