Ron Davis

Ron Davis

People don’t realize the value of having someone in your corner that is not out for the money…it’s hard to find people like that.  

No Better Attorney

I was most pleased with Mr. Hunt’s representation and effectiveness. He made a most unpleasant situation bearable. There is no better in his chosen field of expertise.

When mistakes happen, John is the eraser

I got cited for boating and drinking and other violations. John helped straighten things out and helped us on another issue, too. He also gave us free living wills and looked at our insurance. Great guy.

Great lawyer.

John handled an automobile accident claim for a back injury. He was nice and even did a free living will at the end. His staff was great handling my case. Great lawyer.

Highly Recommend

Plain and simple I wish I’d hired Matt first. There are many lawyers that can’t compete with what Matt can do, if I’d hired Matt first my divorce would have been different. At least he salvaged the damage including reduction of child support.