I came to John Phillips office with little or no hope that I could prove my innocence or survive the alligations against me, I didn’t think I would survive emotionally what myself and family were being put through. John along with Reid Hart listen to my story, they explained to me what they could do help me,and how they would go about helping me.My family and I felt so much better about my case and my chances of clearing my name after my conversation with John Phillips, and Ried Hart. I don’t know if I would have ever gotten through this ordeal if a friend hadn’t suggested that I go speak with John. Every motion they file every question they ask is all tied into getting to the truth,and giving you the best chance of victory I will never use another Law Firm other John Phillips Law firm for anything legal that might come up on my life again. Law firms like John Phillips and Lawyers like Reid Hart don’t come like grapes in Bunches.