Ishika Lay v. Linda Banister, et al – Confidential Settlement (2014)

Ishika “Isis” Lay was training to qualify for and compete in the 2012 Olympics and was seen as a favorite to win gold for the United States in women’s boxing.  Lay was injured in a sparring match and a head injury went untreated, despite complaints associated with clear brain injury. Lay collapsed and lost consciousness during a match as a result of second impact syndrome. The suit claimed Lay should have never been cleared to fight.  Lay suffered permanent brain damage because of the defendants’ negligence.  The case was settled with confidentiality terms in place, which prohibit further discussion.

(Ishika Lay Complaint)
(Settlement Presentation)
(News Coverage 1234)
Some cases are settled confidentially by the parties. Not every settlement amount is public. These are placed here to let you know what kind of cases we take. Many confidential settlements are on higher profile cases.