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Sample Civil Verdicts and Settlements:


Jury Verdict: Duval County (2019). Wrongful Death by shooting in a motor vehicle. Punitive Damages Awarded. Largest Verdict in the history of Northeast Florida. Televised trial.

Even Fox News covered the case and verdict.



Jury Verdict: Alachua County (2012). Vehicle Negligence by Coca-Cola, which caused laser spine surgery and pain. The driver of the Coca-Cola truck sought to hire us after the trial to help his mother.

The case was covered by Insider Exclusive.



Jury Verdict: Volusia County (2014). Vehicle Negligence by Volusia County Beach Patrol caused significant injuries to client. Had to fight through trial, appeal and claims bill to get recovery. Nationally televised trial.

The case began with an interview by the Today Show.



Settlement: Duval County (2016). Large Insurance Policy Limit Tender secured in crash which caused loss of leg. They also lost their pet cats in the wreck, which we assisted with until Pancho was FOUND! Our office flew the good Samaritan to Jacksonville to deliver Pancho to our clients.

The NJ Paper also covered it here, as did


Settlement: Martin County (2015). Outback server dropped a heavy tray of food on the client, causing her to need three surgeries. Case was mishandled prior to our involvement and offers were limited. Settled prior to trial.


Settlement: Duval County (2016). Wrongful Death. We represented the family of Jordan Davis and other victims of this nationally reported shooting. Confidential Settlement. RIP JRD.

An Emmy winning documentary was made about the case.



Settlement: Duval County (2015). Medical Malpractice. We represented 131 children against pediatric dentist Howard S. Schneider based on claims of pediatric dental abuse. Schneider was stripped of his license, practice and was arrested before the civil suit concluded.

The case received national attention.



Settlement: Duval County (2017). Vehicle Negligence and Premises Liability where woman was struck in drive-thru of national restaurant. Trees overgrown. RSD/CRPS case. Large settlement secured.


Settlement: Georgia (2015). Client was rear-ended by trucking / logging company who was one of the largest and most known employers in the County. Large settlement secured.


Settlement: Duval County (2015). Ishika Lay was training to be on the U.S. Olympic team in women’s boxing. Her chirpractor and others pushed a brain injury past healthy capacity. Confidential settlement secured.

More about the case here.



Settlement: Duval County (2016). Young father was shot and killed at Mascara’s night club, which was open after hours and had criminal activity going on. Large policy limits settlement secured prior to trial. We turned over photos which lead to conviction of the killer and assisted prosecutors.

Read more about it here.



Jury Verdict: Broward County (2018). Negligence by City of Fort Lauderdale in hitting tourist. Refused to pay reasonable offer. Jury awarded sovereign immunity limits and obtained fees and costs. Televised trial.

Read more about it here.



Settlement: Duval County (2014). Client was given drugs by his friend on the beach and had seizures. Tortfeasor failed to timely called police or rescue, worsening injury.


Jury Verdict: Duval County (2017). RSD / CRPS Caused by Negligent Driver of motor vehicle, who ran a stop sign. Blamed the motorcycle. Our attorneys fees and costs were awarded post trial for a total recover of over $1.2 million.


Settlement: Duval County (2016). Clients’ 2-year-old child was run over and killed in their own driveway by the father’s employer. We achieved over $1 Million resolution in less than 3 months.

Read more about it here.



Settlement: Duval County (2014). UM / UIM Policy limits paid in federal court automobile wreck case after GEICO refused to make reasonable efforts to settle case prior to filing suit. Client had surgery.


Settlement: Duval County (2015). We overcame a declaratory judgment action and received a settlement from dog owner and home owner association. The claim was denied pre-suit. Farah & Farah fired the client before she hired us.


Settlement: St. Johns County (2015). Client fell in a poorly maintained bar bathroom. We had to not only fight the case, but the bar’s insurance company. It refused to defend the bar, so we had to win against them at the trial and appeal level before we could proceed to settle with the bar.


Settlement: Duval County (2015). Low impact car crash resulted in soft tissue injuries and laser spine procedure. 


Settlement: Duval County (2012). Client was rear-ended by the son of a local lawyer, who was intoxicated. We settled his case for a large policy limits within months of incident.


Injunction & Appeal: Duval County (2013). We represented a bullied child in at an injunction hearing. The judge said, “This child is a threat to all of the children at any school. The injunction is a permanent injunction barring this child from returning to any public school in Duval County,” banning the bully from the school system. This ruling was overturned on appeal but lead to good opinion about making our schools safer.

Read more about it here.



Settlement Orlando, Florida (2016). We represented a photographer when famed killed George Zimmerman sold a rehashed version of his copyrighted photograph of Angela Corey as his own. We stopped Zimmerman from selling the paintings and prints.

Read more about it here.



Settlement: Duval County, Florida. (2016). Andrew Flaherty was mistakenly labeled a sexual offender on his state ID card. Because of our work, the state changed its computer systems work and put in protections against this happening in the future. We not only got a settlement for the client, but also got the entire statewide computer system changed.

Read more about it here.



Settlement: Orange County (2012). Katy Perry claimed exclusive rights to “left shark” after it became a viral sensation. We defended a trademark and received a confidential settlement from her company.

The client even turned John into his very own left shark, available here.



Settlement: Duval County (2011). Radio duo Lex and Terry were forced to file suit against 1010XL radio station, claiming that the station improperly canceled their contract. We filed suit against the radio station for breach of contract and damages and settled it confidentially.

Read more about it here.



Settlement: Duval County (2019). Client was killed in an auto accident. She was the passenger. Both the driver of her vehicle and the driver of the vehicle which caused the wreck were driving under the influence. We sued both drivers and both bars under the dram shop act and recovered something against all parties (dram shop recovery, bodily injury recover and underinsured motorist recovery).


Settlement: Duval County, Florida (2016). The client stood in a parking spot, holding a spot for his pregnant fiance’. An off duty police officer wanted the same space. He not only ran his car into his leg, but displayed his service revolver. We helped him make a complaint to JSO and obtained a maximum insurance settlement for his injury.

Read more about it here.



Settlement: Georgia. (2016). Client slipped in beer someone spilled on the floor at a Wal-Mart in Georgia. Prior counsel was unable to secure more than a $10,000 offer.


Settlement: Duval County, Florida (2016). The client fell at a grocery store. Case pleadings not only contended that employees created and failed to clean up a mess, but were actually on video sliding around in it intentionally for fun. We filed suit and settled it before trial for a confidential amount and the store “bought back the rights” to the surveillance video.


Settlement: Duval County (2017). Young client was burned by a hot skillet, which left a small scar on her arm while at a popular restaurant. 


Settlement: Duval County (2016). The client when to ULTA and received some demonstrative make-up or gel on her arm.  She had a reaction, went to the hospital and was given antibiotics.


Settlement: Brevard County, Florida (2015). Low impact, soft tissue injury vehicle crash.


Settlement: St. Johns County (2014). Our child client got his arm stuck in a swimming pool return and was sucked under water. The return was left improperly uncovered and had been in disrepair. Fortunately, the only child sustained temporary injuries.


Settlement: Georgia (2015). Auto accident case in Georgia with limited damages. Prior counsel failed to get a reasonable settlement offer. We settled for policy limits fairly quickly after taking over the case. 


Settlement: Duval County (2015). Client was injured at school in a game similar to dodgeball, despite prohibitions in policy. We involved national experts and case settlement before trial.


Settlement: Volusia County (2017). We obtained a record payout on a civil rights case against Volusia County Sheriff’s Office when an officer blindly fired into a motor vehicle, shooting our client. 

Read more about it here.



Settlement: Duval County (2019). We sued a drunk driver, a responding tow truck company and AAA after a tow truck responded to a service call and failed to maintain safety, leading to the death of our client.

Read more about it here.



Settlement: St. Johns County (2015). A father and son were rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on I-95. Although they could drive their vehicle away from the scene, they felt pain and it got progressively worse. Both father and son needed surgery despite the “low impact” of the collision. We were able to obtain summary judgment on liability and subsequently resolve these cases for the clients.


Verdict: Duval County (2011). Rear-end collision with a two level percutaneous laser microdiscectomy A jury awarded $939,276.78 in damages.  The final judgment was over $1 million dollars, Mr. Lo’s insurance carrier (State Farm) appealed and we settled for an undisclosed amount in excess of the Defendant’s policy limits.

Read more about it here.



Unjust Verdict & Appeal: St. Lucie County (2018). Gregory Hill was shot through his closed garage door by a police officer responding to a loud music disturbance call. The potential jury was biased from the beginning, yelling out “blue lives matter.” The police changed their story, their expert lied and they were allowed to admit prior undisclosed evidence. It was still a loss to our client and firm, which has been appealed.

Read more about it here.



Settlement: Duval County (2018). We represented a teenager run over while sunbathing in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Read more about it here.



Settlement: Duval County (2019). We achieved a policy limits payment after a shooting in a Tampa nightclub- Club Rayne. It was subsequently shut down and we assisted authrities with the criminal investigation.

Read more about it here.



Settlement: Duval County (2014). A policy limits settlement was reached in a case where our client was the victim of a hit and run driver, who hit him while he was changing a stranger’s tire. From legal services to going to doctors appointments when we were afraid he’d lose his foot, we stood by Bert.

Read more about it here.



Settlement: Duval County, Florida (2018). Despite police wrongly claiming our client was at fault in a motorcycle wreck which killed him, we were able to obtain a large policy limit settlement for his family.


Settlement: Saint Johns County, Florida (2018). A local high school lacrosse phenom was being discriminated against by his high school coach. We secured release of the student from any restrictions and an admonishment to the coach.



Settlement: Duval County (2018). Overnight, the Jacksonville Jaguars slapped a TM on the word DUUUVAL. They didn’t invent it, didn’t exclusively use it in commerce and it belongs to the fans. On behalf of his clients Easy-E and the Jacksonville Roller Girls, John stopped the Jaguars from attempting to hold DUUUVAL out as exclusive in any way.

Read more about it here.



Settlement: Duval County (2019). Air Technology HVAC services  crashed into Ruby Carey. Even their windshield said, “there in a flash… or we pay you cash.” We nearly tripled the final offer received by the Law Offices of Ron Sholes before the client fired them for not communicating with her.



Settlement: Clay County (2019). Client tripped and fell over a pallet at the Winn Dixie in Middelburg, Florida We were able to get his case settled despite fairly unfavorable video surveillence of the incident.



Settlement: Nassau County, Florida (2019). Despite photos of her dog driving her car and her admitting our client looked like a “crash test dummy” during the wreck, State Farm only offered tens of thousands of dollars for years. We offered to settle for $260,000 and they refused. Months later and right before trial, we made our final offer of $525,000, which was accepted.


Settlement: Clay County, Florida (2019). Our client was attending a car show and commercial gathering in a business parking lot when one of the cars struck her. We sued the driver and the participating businesses and recovered.


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